Horiba Mass Flow Controller & Equipment

HORIBA offer a comprehensive range of fluid control and analytical solutions to improve yield, increase throughput and add value to the Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display(PD), Photovoltaic(PV) and related manufacturing and research establishments.

Seiki Global

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Technology has been the appointed distributor since year 2007 by Horiba STEC. We have been distributing products to some of our customers.

The product lines include:

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Process Monitor
  • Gas Concentration Monitor
  • Chemical Solution Concentration Monitor
  • Ultra-pure Water Monitor
  • Particle Detection SystemRetic
  • Thin Film Analyzer
  • Mass Flow Controller
  • Liquid Source Vaporization System
  • Pressure Regulator

For more product detail, please refer to the following link: http://www.horiba.com/semiconductor


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